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FEPE Congress 2018 - PROGRAMME

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confirmed Speakers / presentations

Tim Walsh
Vice President, Pitney Bowes Inc.

"Strategic developments in e-commerce"

Tim will give an overview of some of the strategic developments in e-commerce, including supply-chain trends, cross-border postal and private network developments and policy issues confronting carriers, shippers and recipients alike.

About Tim Walsh
Tim joined Pitney Bowes in March 2003 and is currently Vice-President for Global Corporate and Regulatory. Dr Walsh works on various strategy, regulatory and technology projects across Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America and supports Pitney’s SMB, e-commerce, shipping and digital commerce business units. Tim currently serves as Chairman of EMOTA’s supply-chain and postal committee. He is Chairman of Digital Europe’s mail and parcels technology group and is a member of the US State Department’s international postal and delivery services advisory group. Prior to joining Pitney Bowes, Tim worked for Royal Mail (1990-2003)


Maurits Bruggink
Secretary General, EMOTA (European eCommerce and Omni-Channel Trade Association)

"Get your parcel packaged! Views from the web shop"

Maurits will give some insights on web shops and the way they look at packaging.  Does packaging have an influence on branding or is it just a technical detail in logistics? Can the choice of packaging  reduce my shipping costs or make my packaging operations more efficient? What is the influence of returns to choices of packaging?

About Maurits Bruggink
Maurits has been involved in international advocacy, government affairs and trade association management for over 25 years in different positions. Maurits started as lawyer at the European Union Office of Arthur Andersen & C°, followed by a long spell as Managing Director at Brussels’s based lobby firm Grayling. He is a Member of the Strategic Committee of EURid, the .eu registry manager, Board member of EuroCommerce the European retail association, and oversees EMOTA’s contribution in European Commission Expert groups on the Fitness Check of EU consumer and marketing law. Maurits holds a Master in International Trade Law from the University of Leiden, NL.


Joost Van Nispen
Founder, chairman and CEO of ICEMD (Institute of the Digital Economy)

"Six Generations in the Digital Age: How the six generations currently alive communicate, consume content and shop in a multi-media and omni-channel environment"

Joost will present the highlights of a study  commissioned by ICEMD which confirms the enormous vitality of digital, mobile and social communications among all age group. At the same time it uncovers unsuspected nostalgia for analogue communications especially among Generation X (adults born between 1965 and 1979) and, surprisingly, pockets of digital resistance among Generation Z (teenagers born between 1995 and 2009).

About Joost Van Nispen
Joost founded the ICEMD in 1995 and  teaches the skills necessary for companies (and individuals) to compete successfully in the digital and data-driven economy. It has become the largest institution of its kind in the Spanish-speaking world. The ICEMD  has been part of ESIC Business & Marketing School since 2011. Joost is a member of the Executive Committee of the GDMA (Global DMA) and  is also on the board of ADIGITAL, the Spanish Association of the Digital Economy.  He is a member of the Pan-European Education and Accreditation Committee in Brussels.  Joost holds a Master of Science Degree from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). He started his career at Time-Life (Europe) and for 13 years was a senior director of the Ogilvy & Mather Group. He  is a prolific writer on the digital economy and data driven marketing, and is a sought after teacher, trainer, consultant and speaker at Conferences and Congresses around the world. Joost was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and has lived in Spain for the last 25 years


John Sanderson
Head of Environment, UK & Ireland, UPM

"Responsibility is good business - Creating value for society through the Biofore strategy"

Demonstrating a positive social impact is becoming as important to business success as demonstrating a positive financial impact.
Companies need to explore their impact on society, the value they create as businesses and through their products. John will illustrate how UPM has made social responsibility a reality by ensuring its social agenda is an integral part of the company’s strategy.

About John Sanderson
John has worked exclusively for UPM since graduating from the University of Wales 30 years ago with a degree in Wood Science & Forestry.  Learning the ropes in environmental management at UPM Shotton mill, John then spent a number of years in Finland at UPMs technical group researching waste paper recycling and waste water management.  The past 20 years has seen an increasing environmental focus and interest from customers and an unprecedented rise in the demand for sustainability education, commitment and performance by paper suppliers.  John’s focus more recently has been in supporting UPM's customers in this regard.


Mark Harrison
Head of Markets, International Post Corporation

"Latest trends on cross-border e-commerce and the role of direct mail in supporting online sales"

Mark will present the results of a comparative study of the preferences and experiences of over 28,000 consumers based on the findings of the Cross-Border E-Commerce Shopper Survey undertaken at the end of 2017 in 31 countries in Europe, North & South America and the Asia-Pacific region. This research explores the relationship between physical advertising mail and catalogues sent independently of goods fulfilment, and the actions undertaken by consumers as a result of receiving these communications.

About Mark Harrison
Mark joined the International Post Corporation (IPC) in 2002 as Head of Markets. The analysis and insights of the IPC Markets team are focused on global e-Commerce, data driven marketing, the global postal industry performance and postal sector sustainability. The team provides essential knowledge on trends affecting the strategic direction of the postal industry, while assisting postal operators to achieve profitable growth through innovation.


Maynard Benjamin
President and CEO, US Envelope Manufacturers Association (EMA) and the Global Envelope Alliance (GEA)

"Transitioning the Envelope Industry in an era of digital commerce"

Maynard's presentation will focus on what is happening across the globe as the industry adapts to a world where digital commerce becomes very important to the posts and those that supply products and services to the posts. It will cover the evolution of soft sized packaging, the new role of direct mail and integrating legacy technology into the new product mix.

About Maynard Benjamin
In addition to his EMA and GEA functions, Maynard was appointed president of the EMA Foundation for Paper-Based Communications and CEO in 2004. Maynard is a member of the Director's Council of the National Post Museum and a member of the Consultative Committee of the Universal Postal Union.


Jean de Couëspel
Managing Director, GPV & FEPE Marketing Committee Chair

"The state and main drivers of envelope volume development"

Jean will report on the most recent volume developments in European envelope and supply markets. He will then focus on the main drivers and how we can still have an impact on the speed of volume decline, using some concrete FEPE campaign examples.

About Jean de Couëspel
Jean is a graduate in engineering – manufacturing. He has been active in the envelope industry for25 years, starting with various functions at Papeteries Navarre in France before joining the GPV group as factory manager in Navarre in 1999. In 2001 he became operations manager at the GPV Chapman UK plant and was promoted to President of the French GPV operations in 2010 and the GPV/Mayer UK operations in 2011.


David Gold
Royal Mail group, Director of Public Affairs & Policy

"Letters in the digital age"

We live in an era of rapidly changing communication preferences and a rush to digital by default. Businesses are taking their steer from legislators and transferring customer communications online. With letter volumes in steep decline globally, should we accept the decline of letters or do they have a future? What steps is the postal sector taking and is there more that the envelope manufacturers can do to make the case for mail? David will draw on the work being undertaken by Royal Mail to make the case for post, and will draw on the experiences of Keep Me Posted campaigns in the UK and around the world.

About David Gold
David has worked in communications and politics for almost 20 years. He joined Royal Mail in 2010 to oversee the passage of the Postal Services Act, following the flotation on the London Stock Exchange in 2013. He played a prominent role in the preparation of the business’ sale and worked with CEO Moya Greene to overhaul the oppressive regulatory regime that restricted the company’s commercial freedom. He helped establish the Keep Me Posted campaign in 2013 as a defense against the rapid decline in business mail and to highlight the need for consumers to have choice.

Andrea Boltho
Economist, Emeritus Fellow, University of Oxford

"The European Economy: Continuing Expansion or Gathering Clouds?"

Last year saw a solid expansion in Europe and this year began on a high note. Unfortunately, things have worsened in recent months. Some of this may just reflect a temporary pause, some, however, may be a reaction to higher oil prices, to the threats of a trade war with America and to the mounting political tensions within the EU, fed by rising populism, especially, but not only, in Italy.

About Andrea Boltho
A graduate from the Universities of London, Paris and Oxford, Andrea worked for the OECD’s Department of Economics & Statistics, was a Fellow at the Economic Planning Agency in Tokyo, and Economics Fellow and Tutor at Magdalen College, Oxford University. Andrea acted as consultant to the World Bank and the OECD and was a member of the IFO Institute's Academic Council. He has lectured on economic developments to various private sector corporations, incl. ABB, FIAT, IBM, KPMG and Volvo.


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